Students have the vision tparty bracelets wristbandso enjoy the sport they love

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Sun Dongyuan (second from left) and his teammates take part in a soccer training session at the special education school of Changchun University in Northeast China"s Jilin province. [Photo by Xu Chang/for]

Sun Yuandong and Fan Changjie, two first-year students at Changchun University, in Jilin province, enjoy playing soccer, despite having visual impairments.

They are both learning acupuncture and tuina, a traditional form of manipulative therapy, in a special education school at the university.

Before they joined the university, they were both keen players in home provinces of Shaanxi and Liaoning.

Because of their visual impairments, they use a soccer ball with bells in it, so they can follow the sounds.

“Our courses have a much heavier workload than before but we still try to find the time we need to practice soccer because of our ardent love for it,” said Fan. “And it’s really a good chance for us to communicate with our schoolmates.”

Sun said: “It is not only a game but also it encourages me to run without fear. I will continue to follow my dream.”

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