UN Security Council stresses need to improverubber name bracelets leadership, accountability in peacekeeping

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The Council expressed concern about allegations of sexual harassment in peacekeeping operations and affirmed its support for the secretary-general"s zero-tolerance policy on all forms of sexual harassment. [Photo/IC]

UNITED NATIONS - The Security Council on Friday adopted a resolution aimed at enhancing the performance of peacekeeping personnel at all levels, stressing the need to improve leadership and accountability.

Unanimously adopting Resolution 2436, the Council called upon the secretary-general to ensure that UN peacekeeping missions have capable and accountable leadership.

It requested that he include -- in his reports to the Council on individual peacekeeping operations -- a summary of actions taken to improve mission performance and address performance challenges.

The Council expressed concern about allegations of sexual harassment in peacekeeping operations and affirmed its support for the secretary-general"s zero-tolerance policy on all forms of sexual harassment.

It urged all troop- and police-contributing countries to meet UN performance standards for personnel, training and equipping, and to support the effective implementation of mandated tasks while maintaining the highest standards of conduct.

Following the adoption, Council members shared their views, with Wu Haitao, China"s deputy permanent representative to the UN, stressing that improving performance requires cooperation and due regard for troop-contributing countries.

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